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Farm Safe Agricenter International

Join the Farm Safe initiative to help create safer workplaces.

574 farmers died from work-related injuries in 2018 according to the Department of Labor.

Transportation incidents, including tractor overturns, were the leading cause of death for farmers and farm workers.1

Get certified by Agricenter International and help us reduce that number to 0.

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Each Farm Safe course is designed to help you operate safely and efficiently on the farm.

Developed by Agricenter International

Developed by Agricenter International in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

20 minutes

Each course takes about 20 minutes to complete. Work at your own pace. Progress is saved as you go.

English and Spanish

Courses are available in both English and Spanish.

Virtual training sessions

Virtual training sessions are available. Register for more details, or email.


Available in English & EspaƱol

ATV Safety

ATV Safety

This module covers ATV safety basics such as pre-checks and preventing distractions. We’ll also cover chemical handling and herding as well as safety hazards such as rollovers and flips.

Tractor Operation Safety

Tractor Operation Safety

This module covers topics such as tractor rollovers, runovers, collisions and electrical hazards.

Tractor Maintenance Safety

Tractor Maintenance Safety

This module covers many of the hazards associated with the repair and maintenance of tractors. Topics include shear/cut points, pinch points, wrap points, hydraulic safety, stored energy and more.

General Farm and Ranch Safety

General Farm and Ranch Safety

This module covers basic topics such as helpful documents, the importance of communication and being aware of the work area, condition of equipment and environmental hazards.